PLC SCADA Automation Training Program
PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is considered as the work horse for modern day industry. We all know that modern industries are largely automated in nature. Behind any automation in any industrial plant we can see a PLC installation working behind the scenes carrying out all the automation tasks silently day and night. PLC integrates well with SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data acquisition) Systems which are used for remote monitory and control of automatic processes. So a well designed course of SCADA systems is absolutely necessary with the PLC training course. Many automatic SPM’s (Special Purpose Machines) also require HMI’s(Human Machines Interfaces) for exchange of information between humans & machines, so an integrated course of HMI systems is also required. All the large motor drive systems are run by VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives) which are indirectly controlled by PLC’s so we have included a module of training in VFD’s. This training course in PLC-SCADA-HMI-VFD’s is carefully designed & developed by industrial experts having many years of experience in Industrial Automation Domain. The training program is based on Hands-On approach. Firstly the candidates are given instructions and programming is taught to them on the simulation software of various PLC’s such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi, Schneider etc. Students themselves program on those simulation software and after that they are further trained to work on actual State-of-the-art hardware (PLC’s, SCADA, VFD) equipment. Students are trained to work on SCADA software and are taught PLC interfacing with SCADA, HMI and VFD’s. The training course is divided into modules and the program is customizable according to the students needs.
Course Structure
Sr. No. Module Name & its Contents No. of hours
1 PLC -Introduction to automation, its history, need and advantages.
-Brief description of a control system and the generalized Block diagram of a Control system, Controllers- Pneumatic and Hydraulic Controllers, Electronic PID controllers, control modes-P, PI, PD, PID, micro-controllers, PLC’s(Programmable Logic Controllers), PAC’s(Programmable Automation Controllers), DCS(Distributed Control Systems)
-Types of Automation and its broad categories
-Types of PLC, Hardware and Architecture of a PLC, Sourcing/Sinking Concept and interfacing of filed devices such as sensors/transducers, switches, relay, motors, lamps, actuators, buzzers, etc. with PLC.
-Relay- Normally open Contact( NC), Normally open Contact (NO), Relay Logic
-PLC Programming Languages-Ladder logic, STL, FBD, SFC etc.
-Uploading downloading & monitoring program execution and data, Forcing of I/O, Monitoring and modifying Data Table values
-Review of Logic Gates/Boolean Algebra and their application to PLC Programming
-Bit Logic: XIC (Examine if close), XIO (Examine if open), OTE (Output Energize), OTL (Output Latch), OTU(Output Unlatch)
-Timer: TON (Timer On Delay), TOF (Timer Off Delay), RTO (Retentive Timer On Delay)
-Counter: CTU (Counter Up), CTD (Counter Down)
-Comparison: LES, LEQ, GRT, GEQ, EQU, NEQ & LIM(LIMIT)
-Special Logic: Logical Byte wise [OR, AND, XOR, NOT, etc.],ANI, ORI, MOV, CLR,SET,RST,INC,DEC, SBR, JSR, JMP, LBL, TND, MCR, SCP for Analog
-Networking of PLC’s- Theory, Types of communication, Types of Networking, Types of Topology, Protocols, IP basic practical, OSI MODEL, TCP/IP Model, PLC and Other Automation Devices Networking
-Different types of Sensors, Different Types of signals
-Sensors interfacing with PLC, Circuit connectivity, Testing & Calibration etc.
-Fault finding and troubleshooting
-PLC’s covered-Allen Bradley, Omron, Siemens.
2 SCADA -Introduction to SCADA
-Basic Animation: Glow, Blink, Color Change, Size change, Fill Color, Value Display, Analog entry, movement of objects, visibility
-Features & Properties: Alarms and events, Trends, Password, Recipe, Scripting, Tag substitutions
-PLC & SCADA Communication, Net DDE communication
3 HMI Graphical Design, Creating Tags, Alarm Messages, Downloading and uploading programs, Device Connectivity, Password protection, Screen switching etc., Interfacing of HMI with PLC and VFD, Fault diagnosing & troubleshooting 20
4 VFD Review of AC motors and their working, Electrical basics, Electronics basics, Switchgears, Motor Starting Methods, Protections, Testing, Drives & VFD theory , Drive parameters setting, VFD controlling through keypad, External switch and PLC, Criteria for Drive Selection for any application. 40
Total =210 hours
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