Getting data with labVIEW
LabVIEW-based data acquisition involves writing software on top of appropriate hardware to acquire data from various sensors (e.g., temperature, pressure, current, …). Those data are then usually manipulated and/or filtered before being displayed and/or recorded for further analysis.
Course Structure
S.No Topics Hours
1 Introduction
What is Data Acquisition in General 1
Data Acquisition Cards from National Instruments 1
General structure of DAQ cards 1
2 Setups 4
NI MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer)
NI Daqmx: API for using the DAQ device
3 Hardware Setup 4
NI MAX >Device and Interface>> Right Click >> Create New>>Simulate DAQ
Creating Tasks , Self Tests, Pinouts Diagram Reading for NI-USB 6009
4 Theory on Acquisition Basics 8
Signal Acquisition
Signal Sources
Signal Conditioning
Measurement Systems
Bipolar and unipolar ranges
Smallest Detectable Change(C= D/2^R)
Nyquist’s Theorem
5 LabVIEW Programming 9
DAQ Assistant Brief Introduction
Analog Input
Analog Output
Digital Input and Output
Data Logging
6 LabVIEW Hands On Application 5
Using LabVIEW to acquire temperature data from a simulated source and map it against indicators
,also logging the data to a file.(State Machine Architecture Preferred)
7 Bonus: 4
The Http palette and sending data to the web API for an Industrial Internet of Things Machine.
Total 41
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